About Me!

This is my official biography for when I’m famous. Then when I’m best friends with Zooey Deschanel and Sarah J. Mass and Melissa Benoist, I’ll tell them this is how it all started. Goals are good to have, children!


Welcome to Literary Musings. If you love books (specifically fantasy), this is the place for you. I’m a teacher, so many things will come from that perspective. Those of us who dwell in magical world of education need support, encouragement, and suggestions from each other; I hope my reviews and random rants will provide my fellow educators with tools and encouragement.

I’m destined to be a writer. On a clear night, the prophecy of my famous authorship was written across the stars. Seriously. Literally happened. (this woman is crazy) Honestly though, I do hope to write YA fantasy in the future, books with strong heroines for role models and solid relationships to show love isn’t always romantic.

I love my pupper, Ziggy, a husky mix named after Ziggy Asnah from the Detroit Lions. (she really is crazy – who likes the Lions? Enough to name a dog after??) An ideal meal is steak and french fries with a Pepsi, and I can’t function without coffee. I listen to music constantly – big fan of Mumford and Sons, Matt Nathanson, and Carrie Underwood, but Shania Twain is my jam. But really, I have a soft spot for any country music from the early 90s. (gross – she’s literally insane)

We’re all a little mad here, but all the best people are. Enjoy your stay!